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Interview with Arthur J. Gonzalez, author of THE PHOTO TRAVELER & Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Today I have an interview with Arthur J. Gonzalez, author of THE PHOTO TRAVELER. Read on to get to know about Arthur and his debut novel. Of course there will be a giveaway that you can enter to win some prizes from Arthur. Just scroll down to read more! :)
Hi Arthur! Thank you for visiting and I’m happy to welcome you on my blog. Could you tell me about your self a little bit and what you do besides writing?
Thank you so much for taking the time out to interview me!  You could only imagine how exciting this all is for me.
I am 28 years old, born and raised in Miami, FL.  Both parents are Cuban, so naturally I love me some Latin food!  If you haven’t tried croquetas…you just have not lived.   I also have a small obsession with chocolate and love to go out for a nice run.  I know those two completely contradict each other…but I’ve found it to be a good balance. JI graduated from the University of Florida and worked for a very long time in the healthcare industry. Currently I am an Executive Group Leader with Target.

Croquetas, sounds very delicious, I think I must try it. I know nobody can’t resist chocolate ;). I guess you have a very busy schedule with your work. What made you decide to become a writer? Is this your dream all along?
What can I say?  I think it’s something that just comes natural for me.  It’s organic to my world.
I’m constantly generating new ideas.  Some of my best have come from a long, scenic run or from my dreams.
I started off writing poetry and writing songs (not actual sheet music!).  I have been selected as an Honorable Mention several times on VH1s Song of The Year competition.  But it wasn’t enough for me.  I kept creating these stories in my head and began putting them on paper.
It was a seamless transition to writing stories.  I had always written scripts or short stories late at night, locked away in my dorm room too.  But eventually I told myself, “Do it.  Write it down and make it happen.  Create the reality.  Make it happen.” So I did. And since then, there’s been no looking back.
Writing  poetry and songs, also as an Honorable Mention several times on VH1s Song of The Year competition, those sure are a lot of achievementsThis is your debut novel, right? how do you feel when finally your book is now out, when is the release date?

The release date is tentatively February 14th.

It was such a surreal moment when I sat back for a moment and realized the story was finally complete. I couldn’t believe I had actually done this; that I was just around the corner from being a published author. I actually (yes, I will admit it!) shed a few tears when the novel website (www.thephototravelerbook.com)actually went live. I felt so accomplished. So good.

I went there when you told me it went live, you’ve got a great website by the way, congratulations! Everyone should visit the website, so cool! Could you tell me about your book, what is the title and genre(s), is it a series or a stand alone?
The book is a Young Adult Fiction novel.  It will be a series.  The next novel (which I am actively working on now) in the series will be titled “THE PEACE HUNTER”.
THE PHOTO TRAVELER is such a fun story.  Just imagine- if you discovered the ability to time travel through photos and images; where would YOU go?
This was the idea I played around with.  I developed a story where a young character discovers he has this ability to do just that.  He is part of a small group of individuals called the Photo Travelers. 
Gavin, the main character, has always been told he had no existing biological family.  He has been forced to live in a broken home with an abusive adoptive father….until he finds out he has living grandparents. 
Then the adventure begins.  He visits the Great Depression, Salem Witch Trials, and some other fun places.  He also re-lives the relationship he never had with his biological parents…through photos.
So much happens in this novel.  It’s full of unexpected twists and turns.
The decisions Gavin makes in the pastwill directly affect his and everyone he loves’ futures.
But…you will have to read to find out. 

Sounds fun! I would love to able time travel through photos and images 😀The main character in this book is interested in photography and able to time travel, what gave you the idea about it?

One of the most important people in my life was facing a difficult time when their grandmother passed away.  It affected him in such a deep way that it consequently affected me.  I remember him crying, staring at an old black and white photo of his grandmother in Havana, Cuba.  He held it, staring at it like she was talking back to him.
He said, “I’d give anything to travel into this picture right now and hug her.”
I jumped off the couch, my mind spinning in every direction.  “What if you could?”
And from that moment…The Photo Traveler was born.  It was perfect.  It was as if she and my father plotted in the Heavens to gift me this story. 

I see there’s a mystery and suspense (maybe action?) in your book, on a scale of one to ten, what do you rate this book as an adrenaline rush?

It’s a fast-paced rush with twists and turns occurring at ever stage of the novel- even the very last page.I give it a 10!

Wow, that much, Interesting! There’s a big purple iris on your book cover how did you pick it?

I wanted something fresh and modern for the cover, but something that still represented the story.  The Photo Travelers’ eyes turn purple whenever they travel.  I envisioned it on the cover, and once my cover designer, Vanessa, put it together, I just knew it was the right choice.

Did you find any obstacles when you write this book?

Absolutely! I think the biggest obstacle I faced was my own self-doubt.  At some point I started questioning it all, becoming very insecure.  I’d ask myself, “Is anyone going to like this?”, “Am I serious?”, “Should I just stop?”
I would read other novels and compare it relentlessly, thinking mine would never measure up to those standards.
But fortunately, I drilled right through those doubts.  I promised myself not to give up even if my mom was the only person to buy a copy.
I’m glad that you were able to deal with those doubts, so we can read The Photo Traveler :). Are you self-publishing or working together with a publisher?
I decided to self-publish.  I have learned so much I can practically work for a publisher!  Ha, ha!
In all honesty, I decided to self-publish because of all the resources readily available nowadays.  I also wanted to be very hands-on during the entire process.  I did not want to pass along my baby and hope that others would make it a success.  I truly felt no one would be able to promote my book the way I could (as far as channeling and accessing the passion I have for my story).  I think any author can relate to those feelings.
Is your book already available either in print and ebook format and where to buy?
THE PHOTO TRAVELER will be available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover. It will be available at almost any large online retailer such as: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes, etc.
What is your hope about your book right now?
I truly hope to inspire other writers to follow their dreams and challenge themselves to complete the countless piles of stories they’ve started.
I can only wish that this book will become a success, so that it will catapult me into a career as a fulltime writer and storyteller.
Last, what is your top ten favorite books?
Definitely the Hunger Games series, the Divergent series, the Beautiful Creatures series, The Fault in Out Stars, Looking for Alaska, and The Illustrated Man.
Thank you again Arthur for your great answers, congratulations on your debut novel and good luck with your book! :) 
So everyone, what do you think about his book, are you going to read it, and how about the interview, I know it’s a little bit too long :p, did you enjoy it? 

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Arthur Relives a Memory

Enthusiastic and dedicated, self-published author Arthur J. Gonzalez gives us The Photo Traveler, a world in which it’s possible to travel into a photograph and relive a memory. Sounds pretty neat!

YOUNG ADULT: What is your earliest memory involving writing?
Arthur J. Gonzalez: Every year since I was 7 or so, I’d write my mom a Mother’s Day poem. I’d prepare a month or two in advance, to make sure it was perfect, and then have it printed on some tacky Word certificate.
I would always be so nervous before I gave it to my mom because I wanted desperately for her to love it; more than the year’s prior. I’d put so much of my heart into it. I did this, literally, until I was 16…until I was too “cool/old” to write poetry for my mom.
What meant the most was seeing my mom read it and then cry from happiness. I began to realize the effect words could have on emotions, and I wanted to do this forever. Make people feel things, even when they weren’t expecting to. I considered it my own super power.

YA: Tell us a little bit about your latest work. What is different about The Photo Traveler?
AJG: Okay…let me be honest – we all know time travel has been done over and over again. But I wanted an idea that everyone would hear and think, “Oh my God. I wish I could do that!” or “Hm…that sounds awesome.” And what better way than to time travel back and relive memories?
We live in a particular age where we document and photograph nearly everything we do. It’s a huge piece of this younger generation’s culture. I wanted to make sure whatever I did was relatable. There are no time machines, but there are millions of photos that anyone can pick up and travel to.

YA: Take us through a typical writing day for you.
AJG: Typically I will lock myself in my room with my computer and play some soft R&B or Nature Sounds (Is this weird of me?)
Let me also say, that I’m extremely lazy when I write; however, I like to consider myself ultra-dedicated, only not wanting anything to interrupt my writing. So…If I am lucky enough, I will have some hostage-friend in a nearby room whom I can text (hence, the ‘lazy’ aspect) and beg for coffee (which I am obsessed with, btw.)
When my brain has exhausted itself of ideas I’ll go for a run, stopping along the way to notate new ideas on my phone. Sometimes I’ll run for so long, caught up in a fog of ideas, until the pain in my legs brings me back to reality.

YA: Can you describe the path to getting this work published? What were the challenges? What was easy about it?
AJG: It was difficult to believe that I could actually do it. To believe in myself. But once I began the process and I saw how liberated and fulfilled I felt, I was sure.
Then I was faced with deciding to self-publish or attempt the traditional route. I decided on self-publishing; ironically, taking the path which requires one to believe in himself the most. It forced me to get my hands dirty and learn all I could about the publishing world.
I thought, doing this on my own will allow me to help other aspiring young authors believe in themselves; to commit to taking such a courageous plunge.
Even if the only person that buys my book is my mom or grandma, or if I get one single positive review on my Goodreads.com account – one thing will always remain…I did this.

YA: What were your specific influences for this book? Films, literature, other stories?
AJG: One of the most important people in my life was facing a difficult time when his grandmother passed away. It affected him in such a deep way that it consequently affected me. I remember him crying, staring at an old black and white photo of his grandmother in Havana, Cuba. He held it, staring at it like she was talking back to him.
He said, “I’d give anything to travel into this picture right now and hug her.”
I jumped off the couch, my mind spinning in every direction. “What if you could?”
And from that moment…The Photo Traveler was born. It was perfect. It was as if she and my late father plotted in the Heavens to gift me this story.

YA: If you hadn’t become an author, what path would your career have perhaps taken?
AJG: I hate to even think what else I could possibly be if I wasn’t creating stories. I’d have to be doing something that is creative. Producing in film and television, possibly directing.
But if that wouldn’t have panned out, I would have done something where I can talk to people, because (insert warning alert!) once you get me started….good luck to ya! I won’t shut up.

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