28 Oct

UK Love for The Photo Traveler _ Review by Boundtofashion.blogspot.co.uk


The Photo Traveler.

Something slightly different from what I usually do here on my blog, but it’s time another of my interests, or passions to be more precise, stepped into the limelight.
Books. I love ’em. Can’t get enough of them. Probably why I am studying English Literature at university right now. So I thought, why not give a little insight into what I’ve been reading recently and perhaps offer up a few little cheeky suggestions.
Speaking of suggestions…
You guys definitely need to check out ‘The Photo Traveler’ by Arthur Gonzalez. It’s his debut novel, and guys- it’s really good. It’s a totally unique idea, a group of people with the ability to jump in and out of photographs from any time and any place, as long as it’s really exists or existed. Genius!
The Photo Traveler Cover
As soon as I heard the premise I was hooked and imagining all the places I would go if I had this ability. But enough about me. The story focuses around 17 year old Gavin Hillstone who discovers he is one of the last of a kind to have this special power to jump through images.
He also discovers his parents didn’t abandon him as he had always thought, but were rather lost to him through mysterious circumstance. What’s brilliant about this story is the sub plot of what happened to his parents remains in the back of your mind whilst Gavin’s adventures take you across the world and throughout time. One of my personal favourites was the Salem Witch Trials, lots of excitement there.
But his parents aren’t the only ones in danger, Gavin himself has to protect himself against the formidable Peace Hunters, a group who will stop at nothing to get their hands on Gavin.
Brilliantly gripping and flawlessly written, I found ‘The Photo Traveler’ one big exciting moment from start to finish. Gavin is your typical seventeen year old with abandonment issues and a need to know where he is from, but there is something so likeable and relatable about him that you just can’t help yourself wanting him to succeed.
Filled with a plethora of good and bad characters to keep you entertained such as Gavin’s wonderful grandparents, it’s not only Gavin who is unsure who to trust, but you as well. Gonzalez has a real talent of drawing the audience in, much like his character’s ability, and making you feel like you are really there.
So if you’re looking for something to fill the fantasy YA void I know ya’ll are suffering from, this is definitely one to try.
Elle x